Anyone want to share some NASCAR Unpopular Opinions?

Childress will find success when they stop trying to build their team around Austin Dillon.

NASCAR didn’t die with Dale, it died with a combination of the COT + bad Brian France decisions.

The talent level these days is far less impressive than it was 15 years ago. William Byron & Chase Elliott would not have cut it in the late 90’s or early to mid 2000’s. Perhaps that is why nascar has failed to build new stars.

NASCAR needs an MVP award if they are going to have a playoff system. The prestige of winning a championship has severely gone down in both drivers and fans eyes. Bill Russell has 11 NBA titles but nobody considers him a GOAT because he won it in an era where titles didn’t mean much of anything.

The constant hot takes on bubba, dibby, and Hemric are annoying as hell. Honestly all three of them deserve the rides they are in.

This sub would have hated Matt kenseth back in his day for not winning enough.

Nascar needs to simplify the points format or they will find it hard to attract new fans.

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