Has anyone stopped watching a show because of one character?

I almost stopped watching Secretary Kim because of the male lead... I know this drama was super popular, but he drove me nuts -- especially after the episode where [he ] [/s forces himself into her bed. Like, he shows up at her house when she said she didn't want him there, then climbs into bed with her when she clearly doesn't want him there. She is so obviously uncomfortable, but he doesn't give a shit, insists his "concern" is more important than her discomfort. The only way she's able to get him to not do this is to finally agree to go to his place, where she clearly states that she's going to sleep in the guest room. And then he fucking gas-lights her to climb into bed with her again (seriously, one of his reasons for not sleeping on the floor was 'you'll be too concerned about me to sleep'... what the actual living fuck? Asshole!!!). Whether his reasons for doing it were for sex or not, when a girl doesn't want you in the bed with her DON'T FUCKING GET IN BED WITH HER! ]

[After that] [/s I just couldn't get on board with him as a character. I had thought the drama was going to be about him learning to be a better person, but he was still an asshole. For example, I kept waiting for it to be shown that he was becoming more considerate of his friend who was obviously suffering from heartbreak due to divorce, but nope... he was just a selfish dick who went to his heartbroken friend for advice and didn't give a flying fuck that his friend was suffering.]

The only reason I actually finished the drama was because... well, I live in Korea and all of my Korean friends were talking about this drama all the time ,so I felt like I had to finish it in order to understand the conversations around me. The funniest thing was that they all were so sure that I, as a foreigner, would love that drama because it was so 'western', and by that they quite specifically meant that the show [had a ] [/s sex scene].

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