Anyone know where I can find some cheap books for my 7 year old?

It really depends on the situation. Just have a chat to the owner and see if they can give a discount.

I asked her if she could give a bit of a discount because I was going to purchase over 100 books on different occasions. On the first occasion I only bought 30 books. But I have been coming back to get lots more. I have about 80 books now. She really trusts her customers. But I don't think she would give discounts to everyone because there were many people who bought more books than me that day but she charged them $1.

She actually never verbally said she would sell them for 50c per book. She wrote '50c per book' on a piece of paper and showed it to me so that other customers wouldn't hear.

So basically, she is closing down her bookshop because her shop hasn't been doing well in the past few years.

And she obviously is struggling with income as well. But maybe she'll be lenient with you given your situation and 7 year old daughter.

Hope that helps!

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