Anyone who plays/played FFRK and RSre:Universe? Whats the main differences?

I rarely comment on here so this might look like a mess.. (sorry) Well.. almost all the mechanics? FFRK is the active time/turn based battle whereas RS is the more traditional style turnbased battle. Equipment isn’t really anything like FFRK’s system. On RS, it’s really just stats/element boosts. Nothing too fancy. FFRK has equip gacha. RS is character gacha only. Character growth/stats is completely different between the two. On RS, you gain stat bonuses/unlock skills through character usage. Then there’s the normal stat increase from leveling up a character. Plus there are multiple versions of characters in different rarities. The stat growths you get from grinding/training(expedition) apply to all versions of that character. There is a thing called style/style mastery (weapon mastery) which gives stat bonus % when you level up characters of a specific weapon style. I’m practically rambling, but to be honest these games don’t have much in common besides being a pixel aesthetic rpg from square enix properties.

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