Anything I can do to improve this deck?

I personally like running balance with glad beasts so you're guaranteed to have at least one monster and one trap and spell in hand, so you have a good chance of your monster lasting until your next turn, given your opponent doesn't have TOO much horse-cockery. I'd take out some of those traps, maybe leave the impenetrable attacks, WoDs, and Canadias. Then for spells, I like to do econs, chalices (for fur hires), and 1/2 chalices/super rush, depending on what I'm encountering a lot of.

Then you can run one murmillo and one bestiari since you have other things to take care of back row and monsters, do a third lacquari a second darius, I'd throw a tygerius in there, and maybe a dimacari. I personally run 22 cards though so with this deck it's not as important what you're drawing, as long as you have the balance of cards.

This deck has been working well for me. Inspired by shady penguinn with some tweaks.

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