AOC says many Congress members ‘narrowly escaped death’ during Capitol riots

I am not comfortable with the romanticizing of this as heroic.

He was in a horrible, life-altering situation because of the negligence and complicity of the GOP, and the active violence of Trump supporters.

He was forced into a position where the seemingly least awful option was him ending a person's life, and that will be a trauma that he and everyone else involved will have to deal with.

This was a tragedy, for the deluded terrorist that got herself killed, for the officer that had to shoot another human being, for the family of that insurrectionist who have to deal with both grieving and trying to understand their loved one's violent actions, for everyone else who had to deal with the consequences of the irresponsible, hateful, and deadly actions of Trump and his supporters, and I just don't feel good about it being dressed up as heroic.

I hope the shooting is reviewed and learned from so situations like it can be avoided in future, I hope that officer gets any and all mental health support they need, I hope the family of the dead woman can get some semblance of understanding about how they lost a loved one to this insane conspiracy cult so they don't lose any more, and above all, I hope the seditious traitors who fomented this, both those in the crowd leading directly, and those in the GOP leading stochastically, are held accountable for their actions and the blood on their hands.

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