AoC tests positive for COVID. slapfight in r/politics follows

lying on her behalf

I haven't lied about shit.

You did.

Unlike you I don't invent imaginary scenarios to be mad about.

AOC′s infection isn't imaginary; it's karma for her actions. The bad part is she put others at risk; COVID is real. Now, run away again.

Why would she or anyone else deny that she went to an outdoor brunch? The only person flipping out about this seems to be you.

I see a lot of upvoted comments acknowledging she's a fuck up and a lot of ragers responding like you for the last several hours to those comments saying the video doesn't show what it shows.

Going to go to all the articles about her infection and hypocrisy and bitch at them too? You will have even less of a life than you do now.

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