AOTD - Friday 4/13/18

Album of the Day is Friday the 13th (Original Motion Picture Score) by Harry Manfredini

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Track 1. Overlay of Evil / Main Title

Track 2. Banjo Travelin'

Track 3. Alice Goes to the Lake (Parts 1 and 2)

Track 4. Back Up to Annie Alone

Track 5. Mrs. V Watches

Track 6. Ralph in the Pantry

Track 7. Don’t Smoke in Bed

Track 8. Not Tonight, I’ve Got a Headache

Track 9. Brenda in Lights

Track 10. The Bed Axe

Track 11. Alice Runs to Cabin

Track 12. Mrs. V Comes Clean

Track 13. Alice Runs to Light

Track 14. The Last Fight / The Chop to the End

Track 15. The Boat on the Water - Closing Theme 1 / Jason in the Lake

Track 16. Closing Theme

Track 17. Sail Away Tiny Sparrow (Bonus Cue)

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