To the AP

4 years later and I think she pursued him so I get it. I say this because she’s aggressive towards my kids and the world in general. My ex was unhappy and ripe for the picking.

That said here is my letter today:

Dear AP,

Thank you for taking this grouchy alcoholic off my hands. I hate to break it to you though that life he had I built. He’s actually quite stupid. I got lifetime alimony and half his pension so yeah that’s why he has to work 3 jobs now. I know he tells you he will quit all that once that new business takes off but it never will. Did I mention he’s stupid? Lol

I wanted a divorce but would never leave my kids but thanks to you I got to keep my kids. My girls hate both of you now. You got my son but he’s just like his father so good luck with that. If I had to pick an AP it would be you. You’ve benefited me in so many ways and you don’t even know it. Lol

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