Apartment Complex Suggested Renter's Insurance or Refundable Deposit

Right. It seems to be a convenient option that might be more practical if you think about it. The money you're saving, hopefully getting returned at the end of the lease... Carpet cleaning, wall hole filling (hanging pictures), the time spent deep cleaning and hoping your landlord doesn't try to nit-pick or scoundrel you out of money. Carpet cleaner to rent (80+ dollars) or to buy (100+ dollars), wall patching and paint (20-30 dollars), not to mention time. Time is money. If you're spending 200+ dollars and 10 or more hours cleaning...is it worth the refundable fee?

I understand most people are telling me to go for the 400 refundable fee, because I'll get it all back. But that isn't a guarantee and there are precedents attached to it.

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