Apex legends Didn't Just Die: it was Murdered

Ok, I should have specified. I suppose I was mentally viewing Fortnite as the culmination of BR representation in popular media, because even if Apex (or Tetris 99) supplants it from a game/audience standpoint, I'd be amazing if either reach the level of cultural ubiquity that FN achieve because of the terms and gimmicks, notably dances, associated with it. I'm just saying there's gonna be videos of people imitating them that 30 y/o are going to complain that 'kids these days just don't understand what a golden age that was' like FN was a masterpiece. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Epic, especially considering how successful of a pivot they made, but at the end of the day, they introduced a BR, once most of the kinks of the genre had been ironed out by other games, with consistent netcode (compared to competitors like PUBG), that had plenty of marketing hooks. Honestly, kudos to them, they're making bank.

I still think being overly nostalgic or obsessed with minecraft is a lil weird, and everyone should be allowed their indulgences from time to time, but minecraft very fundamentally innovated when compared to FN. idk if these should be uj/ or rj/ because its a little of both, and I'm probably diggin myself a deeper grave, but I just felt the need to flesh out what I was trying to say originally. Still lame that I care, I know, but hey, can't help havin opinions.

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