Aphelios 1 shot quadra, disgusting

Nobody says thresh is busted because when he misses the Q there is real risk there. He wastes a good chunk of mana, it has a high cooldown, he opens himself and his laner up for engage, and there's plenty of clear counterplay.

People say it about yasuo because its easy to do 'crazy shit' when you can miss it 9 times, flash in place, and then spam q and e until it works because windwall and your passive make you insanely unpunishable.

You literally answered the problem people have with certainlyt. His characters are all "oUtPlAy" characters that are only there for the person playing him to have fun pretending to be faker for 30 seconds, rather than the 9 other people in every match for the rest of the 19 minutes and 30 seconds.

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