Aphromoo on Doublelift, Coach Chris, and CLG.

Transcription of 00:00 to 02:00.

Oh... alright, first thing we're talking about! Uh... So, apparently, Peng and I aren't friends, which is... really fkin' weird... I mean, that's cool, if he wants to hate me, that's fine, but... 'apparently we aren't friends', so, that's weird, I've been on the team the longest, three years, and he was {} closest person, we hung out, uh, previously, two years a lot!

And then, third year, obviously, I took a more, direct approaching to being team captain;, and Peter's a very - independent person, and he's always self-critical, so, basically he CAN HANDLE HIMSELF.

And he does it, really - we don't need to hang out that much, obviously, and I focused on, 'all the other team members' a lot more, and helped them, integrate, into, what we had going, so.

Uh, /probably/ based on - the year, that year, we didn't really hang out that much-, didn't do all that much obviously-, only-because, usually after scrims I'd be so tired. And, most of the time you know that's when he streams and stuff like that, I don't... do that that much, and... yeah.

It's pretty much what happened. Helping everyone catch up to speed, helping uh other-players-on-the-team-improve, so-but-yeah. Appar'nly, apparently we aren't friends.

I can tell you everything you want to know, about Doublelift on a personal level, as a -person-. And as a player, -gesticulates helplessly-, his tendencies, blöblöblö this'n'that. Búh. Don't know if he can say the same, without being in a "negative" light, so.

That's that, uuuú_[...] kinda' sucks, but - wish-him-the-best, uh.. nohardfeelings, (sten: kind of 'drafting a speech' tone)organization, 'thought' it would be the ... best decision moving forward, only because.. 'Peter'... ... brings people down, more often than not.

So. {sten. 'I mean, I don't hate 'blacks' tone} I mean, I have a great analogy, but 'I don't think I'm going to use it', because it'll turn into a /-¿meme~?/, but, yeah. That's basically it.

Yeah. That's basically, that's basically it. Uh, we tried for... ""three years"", ...(I was on the team for three years obviously) and you know, get better little by little, attitude, you know, he was really good. À, not taking away from-the-fact-that he's -cocks head and raises eyebrow, nods affirmatively-, 'excellent player', only shows up when it matters, no-madda'-what.

And he's always there... we 'need' 'im. But... team chemistry-wise, and, -scrunches eyebrows- the impact he had on the team, in-gen'r'al, just, atmosphere-wise, uh, being on a personal relationship with people, it's just, -tosses shoulders in a 'what can you do' moue- brings people down: every Season.

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