[APOCALYPSE] The Iron Rain (Also, Battle for Earth Forces Post)


Libya will send a strong portion of their army to fight the invaders in Africa.

ARMY Equipment Quantity
Infantry ART Mk. II 400,000
Body Armour Sentinel Kits 400,000
IFV IFV Mk II 'Mosul' 500
IFV IVTF Personnel Carriers 500
MBT Córdoban Siege Tanks 1000
MBT Challenger 3 Main Battle Tank 2000
Artillery PSPA-7 SP-ART 1000
Anti-Aircraft LOARA Anti-Aircraft 250
AIR FORCE Equipment Quantity
Air Superiority Fighter TMRD-58A 200
Fighter/Bomber AUBAE Thunderbolt Aircraft 100
Attack Helicopter ANF AAH-1 Fachion Attack Helicopters 250
Transport Helicopter ANF ATH-1 Suavegarder Transport Helicopters 100
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