[APOCALYPSE] The Iron Rain (Also, Battle for Earth Forces Post)

Operation Fallen Angel

The Cascadian Imperial Armed Forces will be commencing Operation Fallen Angel, which is an effort coordinated with other North American nations to contain the Dominion invasion force to the mid-west and destroy them. Executing Cascadia's largest ever combat operation will be 8,000,000 Troops armed as such:

Equipment Name
Armor Haubrek Infantry Armor
Primary Weapon Coilgun M1 Garand
Secondary Weapon KSP-9 'Raŭnadzienstva; (Kampaktny Služba Pistaliet/Compact Service Pistol - 9 'Equinox')
Close Quarters Kampaktny Haradskoj Taktyčny Drabavik 12 (Compact Tactical Urban Shotgun 12)
Long Range SIS Mk.1 Aben Awa (jackal)
Backup Primary B-PAZ-19 (Bul-tat Piachota Assault Zbroju - 19/Bullpup Infantry Assault Weapon - 05)

Ground Support:

Equipment Numbers
APC Mk.1 Achmed (Armored Personnel Carriers) 4500
SPAAG Mk.1 Yetyer Menshh (Mobile AA platforms) 750
Pesepolis Mk.1 Tanks 1150

Air Support:

Equipment Number
Super Arrow Mk II Jets 1150
HB-72 Jericho Strategic Heavy Bombers 40
MRH Mk.1 Erebh (Chariot) Multirole Helicopter 80
ASF-14 Gram 850
F35 Fighter Jets 20
MQ1 Predator Drones 45

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