Apollonian and Dionysian Drives - Thesis

When I say that the Dionysian may have relations to slave morality, I say that in the sense that forgetting oneself and one’s individual drive to greatness in identification with the masses and a larger group is a way to release one’s own responsibility of engaging in the transcendence of the self. Why my ideas don’t conflict with Nietzsche, as you purported, is that I believe, as he did, that the integration and mastering of that drive towards Dionysian unconsciousness allows one to simultaneously transcend it and move to a higher, life-affirming mode of being, as I said. So the Dionysian has the superficial allure of forgetting oneself and the denial of life, but in its conquest the individual will become stronger and begin to truly affirm life for the first time.

If you believe I’m wrong, explain why.

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