Apparently an unpopular opinion: Byleth was the best addition from fighter pass 1.

Byleth is basically a generic sword character with a projectile and a tether recovery. There’s absolutely no difference between his lance and axe moves that other sword characters can’t already do.

I’m a big FE fan, and I wasn’t upset about Byleth getting in smash at all. When I saw the hero relics I got really excited. But when I saw how they were implemented, it was definitely a disappointment for me. I just feel like there was potential for so much more. Like weapon changing in the way shulk does, or calling upon the Lords as Adjutants like in the main game, or even some crazy divine pulse turn back time thing. Or even magic!! It just felt like a huge waste.

I think people like “over complicated characters” because when you play them, you feel like the sky’s the limit. You get more options and change up your playstyle. Byleth in Ultimate literally feels like a WiFi beatstick that sits back and throws out big moves.

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