Apparently "Capsule Pharmacy" is offering salaries in the $40s/hr and it made me wonder...what is the lowest pharmacist salary that you would accept before you quit Pharmacy?

Ok, I'm a retired math teacher from one of the largest school districts in the nation. I retired with a FULL PENSION at 47 years old. I topped out around $78,000. I get about 80% of that salary from now until my death....hopefully a long ways away.

My district will hire anyone with a bachelor's degree who wants to learn to be a math, science, or special ed teacher and let him/her begin teaching and these teachers have 3 years to complete the education-related coursework to become a certified teacher in my state. We have a union contract of 185 teaching days a year, 7 hours and 11 minutes each day with one 30 minute duty free lunch and a maximun of two after hours activities/evening events per school year.

It's a depressing career and I'm glad I'm out, but the lower pay was definitely worth it in the end....Now I'm a tech and it's cool...I'd encourage my own kids to go into education as it is a solid career in some states. The stress is still there, but it's different stress...good luck!

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