Apparently David Guetta had to DJ "old school style" at Coachella...any thoughts on this?

Thanks for the in depth response! That's a great anecdote. As I've been getting better, I've been focusing more on the performance aspect and trying to make my mixing sound live as opposed to a set list like my previous show I mentioned.

It's interesting to hear different dj's philosophies on mixing. I have two friends who are both very competent but have completely opposite styles. One of my friends spins house and treats it like a science. Everything is meticulously planned. He runs all his tracks through mix in key, he knows every second of all his tracks in his library, and he talks about layering different track intensities like it's a formula. He considers himself a performance artist instead of a Dj (costume and everything) and plays exactly what he wants the audience to hear. On the other hand, I have another friend who grabs his playlist, maybe finds a few new tracks to throw in, and then goes and has fun mixing it all together. Albeit, the second guy doesn't play clubs nearly as often, but I think his style sounds more natural and fluid, and he achieves those happy accidents that gets everyone hyped like you were saying. I personally think there's a good middle ground between the two and it seems like you may share a similar position.

It's funny you mention the 1200s, I've been learning on them for the past few months with a sl1. They're a friend's though and I only get to use them a few weeks at a time. He bought those notation dicer controllers and once I started using them, everything started clicking a lot more. I can loop in and out of any track at anytime now and it finally feels like I'm dj'ing and not just iTunes shuffle. I do need a new controller though, someone spilt beer on my vestax last year :/

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