Apparently sampling is stealing a whole song

If i wanted to be “cool” to some random internet stranger I wouldn’t just mention a few harmonic concepts as an example but I would tell you the people I work with. You can be creative by recording your fart and autotune it too (there’s a great video on that if you havent seen). The sound you talk about is created and registered so it can be reproduced by hardware, it’s extremely different than spending time, finding and crafting a sound on an actual instrument. If you read my initial comment I already said that I know brilliant dj’s in detroit and new york that happen to do an amazing job at layering up different things in a way that it becomes a great arrangement, just so happens to be that most people only have their computers do the job for them and become lazy professional ipod players. Of course a lot of people has done a lot of beautiful stuff without theoretical musical knowledge it is obviously not a requirement. Kurt Cobain wrote songs that are surprisingly close to coltrane changes without knowing harmony and made a beautiful melody out of those far appart harmonic movements, that’s talent. But he still crafted a sound

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