Appeal for an unfair ban applied on *oneleaf

On behalf of the idiot of a friend I have, I am sorry for the way he decided to handle the aftermath of the incident. He is just so used to the hostile environment that is bnet that maybe he thought there would be some other outcome since he (presumably thought) hasn't done anything wrong. Now that I think about it, I don't know how this shit even got out of control. He could have just returned the runes and got the facet back and now he has a free stolen 5/3 facet which is cool on its own. but me no mindreader

And lastly as response to Issc. Personnaly I would be ok with him being unbanned if he does the following things;

1) Return the Ohm + Mal (in which case I'll return his 5/3 jewel (can't play this weekend though)) which he still must have on some account. I don't see any reason why I should take your runes Issc, especially since he must have my runes on some account.

2) Making a public thread here on slash to explain his actions with lets say 200+ words ;)

But it's not up to me, so feel free to take it up with a mod and good luck to you.


I don't know if I can convince another mod help out here but I guess i will send out a round of PMs and see if someone is willing to arbitrate.

As far as #2 go, I am not trying to disrespect your act of grace or decision to forgive but the oneleaf is a god damn moron (whoa plottwist). I don't think he has ever written anything in school that is beyond a paragraph without c/ping them from the internet. Like for example I had to explain to him for about literal 5 minutes on how to push message to the global chat "slash f space m space hashtagmessage here" took him five fucking minutes. At any rate I will do my best to see if he can get around to doing that.

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