Apple is adding virtual fitness classes to its subscription bundle

As a /r/zwift user i found this new announcement very interesting. The main reason i'm holding back on an Apple Watch is that almost all my exercise is based on an indoor trainer bike and Apple Watch can't really do much with it cause it doesn't connect to the trainer. I'm doing guided training plans on Zwift where the software controls the bike's resistance so you can simulate mountains and structured training regimes. You also get distance covered and power meter readout logged. There is some motivation in nerding out with data.

First it appeared that Apple Watch is now supporting connected fitness devices and offer what i described above but on closer look it does not seem to be the case. This is more of a 'follow what happens in the video', 'see your cardio data on the screen' and 'get it all logged' type of use case. Not dissing it, it's a great combination and i'll probably still try it. It just does not seem to eat into the specialised fitness application market just yet.

This is all based on the infos that are available. Who knows maybe the do plan deeper integration.

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