Apple 'doesn't give a damn,' marks Crimea as part of Russia on Apple Maps

Pack up your talking points sheet, my friend. What you display is nothing but simple pragmatism, something you would take a U-turn on the moment it would concern you personally. The fact is Russia took army, went to Ukraine, stole their land, killing few people in the process. Everything else is the consequence of it. The endgame of what you suggest is that every strongman can go take whatever they want if they hold on to the loot long enough. Luckily, the world is not there back yet. Again, the moment any such action concerns you negatively, you would change your mind. So save yourself the time and join us back in reality. I dont need to reply to things like "oh, I feel uncovinient that the map did tell me there is a war conflict going on, shame on the provider" if there are people dying because somebody started something. I can tell you are detatched from society if you that is your concers. But once again as along it does not involve you. What you would say if were them guys fighting Russians on the border if you read there is a turist guy feeling uncomfortable because a map provider did not legitimized annexation of their homeland so got confused. omg dude

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