Why Apple Killed Airpower- Rene Ritchie.

No offense taken! I'd argue you've got it all wrong though: What I provide is factual, accurate, intelligent coverage. When people use words like fan-boy or bias, to me, it shows that they don't have any real argument to make, so they fall back on personal attacks. If I every get anything wrong, I appreciate people pointing it out so I can learn from it and improve, admit my mistakes and do better.

So far, because of the amount of research I put in, that hasn't happened very much.

In other words, my opinions tend to be right and that means more to me than being insulted on the internet by people who mistake cynicism for intelligence or insight.

That's the same reason I'd never call anyone who disagrees with me a "hater" or a "troll". It's nonsense.

If you don't like my videos and articles, that's great. Totally your prerogative. But you're legit missing out on some of the most accurate and detailed coverage in the business.

And if that doesn't bother you, I'd also argue that has very little to do with me :)

Happy to raid any time!

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