Apple may or may not switch Macs over from Intel to AMD, but it should

I did. I suggest you try rereading.

Nope. Most of those use DirectX and are recommended that way.

So you keep waiting for a scapegoat because you can't address any of my actual points.

I am still waiting for you to show me how x86 made it easier for Mac s to get a flood of apps.

If you need a refresher, I suggest you read the previous responses.

If there were any worth reading I would.

For instance, the Intel Math Library.

List the popular apps that use it.

And you're comparing phones to a laptop... why again? For the second time, other devices, in the same category, by the same company, are plenty successful.

You have a comprehension problem. Microsoft failed at doing manythings like windows phone. Using them as an example is hardly worth the effort.

If there was a plethora of software that worked with ARM, the Pro X likely would be too.

Yes just because they suck at ARM and x86 doesn't mean shit. Chromebooks use both and there is a no software issue with them.

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