Apple: "Our new iPhone X is now waterproof." Samsung: "Hold my Beer."

Do you want to go there? Lol..

Ios is obviously a proprietary software right? Now what could the advantages of that be.. Well.. IOS is designed to run in a way in which it directly utilizes it's hardware. There's no "middle man" emulation happening. It's not emulated like the Android OS. This results in a more stable OS, more performance (because it doesn't have to emulate anything) and overall a smoother, tailored experience.

When it comes to literal hardware, which I assume you're referring to.. what software are you using on an Android that isn't available to IOS users? Please don't come back and say "I want to edit 4k video on my phone", or some other obscure software that should be used on a laptop and not a phone.

When it comes to ease of use, Apple quite literally uses 4th graders in testing environments, not to mention that most mobile phone OS's are practically identical (and guess who created their blueprint?). Apple is just as easy to use as anything else, and everyone used Apple's ideas anyway, lol..

Not meeting certain requirements? You'd have to expand on that for me.

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