Apple says Android has up to 47x more malware than iPhone in continued pushback against sideloading

lol, it’s everyones business. Know how companies make up for piracy?

  1. Charge more for things like streaming services to make up the cost from those who are legally obtaining their media.
  2. Add stupid and intrusive anti-piracy tools to their games/movies etc that impact, again, those of us who legally obtain these products.

No matter now noble your cause may be in your eyes or anyone else’s, that doesn’t suddenly make it legal and thus it will bring a shadow of doubt to things like emulators that make that pirated content easily usable.

Piracy is piracy no matter how much you try to polish it up.

If you do not own said game, the ROM you are playing, that is piracy.

If someone is distributing ROMs, they have no idea who is downloading them and if they have the rights to them, so that is illegal distribution.

It does not matter if you or I think it is wrong or right morally. Law doesn’t give a shit about your morals.

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