Apple says cheap battery replacements hurt iPhone sales

Well like I said, I’m well aware of what specs are in what laptops and how much they cost. A powerful razer blade is around $1900 (perpetually on sale from 2100) Has a 1060 I believe. Also a 144hz screen. Xps has some sick laptops too. Look at their pricing tho. It’s similar.

Yes, I could have gotten more power for the money, but I wanted a small laptop, with a very bright screen. Not a huge laptop with a lot of power. The mbp is the only one with a taller aspect ratio screen, and is above 1080p. The track pad is the best I’ve ever used. The razer blade was a distant second.

I paid more for lightness and quality screen and trackpad. I have an 8700k/rtx 2070/64gb ram desktop for heavy work. I prefer to work in Mac OS on the go. Used Linux for years and it feels more familiar to me. So I got the laptop I preferred and it’s been amazing for me. So again... I fail to see the problem.

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