Apple’s “It’s show time” | Pre-Event Megathread

Well, Apple News has to be Apple's best product in their services sector since....I dunno when. The curation is pretty good, you don't really get a lot of really shitty articles or slideshows that plague the news sites they're pulling from. You don't have to have a sub to different papers like the NYT for 80% of trash you're never going to see. I'm pretty interested in this so far; I'll see how I feel about it after a month.

The game service will be something interesting. PUBG mobile is the biggest game in the world, ignoring that is crazy and Apple has already committed to providing full experiences with the new service, and just writing off all mobile games as "just crappy mobile games" is pretty bad. Granted a lot of these are available on Steam/other platforms but games like Polytopia, Lumines, Solitarica, Alto's Odyssey, Bastion, the Infinity Blade Series, Holedown, Donut County, Florence, Gorogoa, Fez, and I'm sure there are others i'm missing are all examples that really prove to me that gaming can be done on mobile WITHOUT a match 3 game trying to suck you dry.

As for Apple TV+, I just want to see what the purpose of all these celebrities coming out is. Are they really allowing the "blank checks" style that Netflix is doing nowadays? What's this going to cost?

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