Apple and Starbucks are Cult Like

I agree with other commenters on saying Starbucks is a consistent experience. I order my vanilla latte and I know what I’m going to get. I go to the local shop and could end up with something completely different than what I wanted, not a risk i want to take if I’m spending $6 on a coffee. As for Android vs. iPhone, i had android for about 5 years and then switched to iPhone and couldn’t be happier. Android was just buggy, always crashing shutting off etc, no matter how new my phone was. Maybe it was my service provider, i dunno. I like iOS better. I remember a meme going around maybe a couple years ago that if the guy/girl had a green text bubble, don’t text back cuz they’re poor (as in they didn’t have an iPhone/iMessage). I think some people might still have that mentality, lol.

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