Apple is working on a slimmer Apple TV with a new remote and built-in App Store, says report

Please learn what a drawing app is. This isn’t one.

Even if you want to exclude this as an example, it's a testament to the fact that it's not only perfectly possible to draw on a small display, it's a use case that Apple has thoroughly considered and deemed appropriate for a small touchscreen display.

Aren't you the same guy who was told me just yesterday that I should "Pay attention to what Apple says for once"? I'd tell you to heed your own advice, but given your incapacity for rational thought, that's probably a disastrous idea.

Please learn that these two products have different use cases,

So you're saying two different screen sizes on two totally different classes of devices with totally different input methods are going to have different use cases? Shocking!

If you'd shut the fuck up and think things through for a half a second, it just might occur to you this doesn't inherently mean that a particular category of application can't overcome these sorts of obstacles.

different physically possible softwares, and therefore different App Store requirements.

Please point me to where I ever argued that apps that work on the Watch should port right over to the Apple TV with no modification, and I will retract my argument. What's what? You can't find anything of the sort? That's because that's not even remotely close to the argument that I'm making.

You’re just acting like a complete imbecile. I hope it’s on purpose.

That's adorable. You've done nothing in this entire thread but embarrass yourself with your arrogance and completely inability to make a logical argument. You've yet to make a single valid point in this entire thread. The sad thing is it's pretty obvious that you aren't trolling, and are just totally oblivious to just how stupid you are coming across. You are due for some serious introspection in regard to how you perceive yourself, because I can tell you, it doesn't match up with how others perceive you.

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