Apple's answer to Surface Studio: iMac Pro

I posted what's below in the gadget thread... long story short, no Apple never wins on price. However, having built in 10gb Ethernet, and TB is actually pretty amazing. I do think, that they set the bar very low for Microsoft to respond. And I'm sure that they could build a studio PRO, for 5k, that will exceed apple's new Imac Pro.

art Description Price
CPU 8 core Intel i7-6900k 1049.99
RAM 32GB ECC DDR4 349.99
Motherboard AsRock X99-E-ITX/ac 254.99
Case Silverstone FT03-MINI Black Aluminum (17L) 139
Power Supply Silverstone SFX Series SST-LTI 800w 189.99
SSD Intel SSD 1TB Pcie 3.0x4 350.00
HDD Raid 2x Western Digital Blue 4tb HDD 235.98
GPU GTX 1080 ti 699.99
Optical Drive Place Holder - Needs Slot loading 75.99
Mouse MX Master, comes with right mouse button 69.00
Keyboard g710+, comes with clicky keys that light up 99.77
O/S Windows 10, now with frowny face bsod 139.99
Cooling Corsair Hydro h90 140mm, doesn't sound like a hair dryer 96.99
Total wow, look just enough for that 1200 dollar LG 5k meh monitor 3768.70

a "pro" alternative, just add monitor and/or webcam

Does not have thunderbolt, or 10G Ethernet. You can, however, get 10gb ethernet on single socket matx motherboards, and Thunderbolt will show up everywhere since Intel got rid of the licensing fees. Further, I would expect to find both of these on motherboards based on the unreleased x299 chipset before you can expect delivery of the new shiny black iMac.

I would have been more impressed had they just released a new mac pro, not an iMac Pro. I would also not expect their unit to be able to sustain workloads for extended periods of time at the maximum TDP since you can't defy the laws of thermodynamics. But it's an improvement over their existing options. It's not the revolutionary response that I was expecting after the surface studio.

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