Apply holy water

More strawman?

Again, not the correct usage of that.

I'm pretty sure you saying I am disputing a reversal of anotger persons claim, where I said no thing is indeed a strawman. You are literally arguing over something not said.

Go look up the term.

I said I was disputing your claim that a Christians cant say it is not secular because they (Christians) celebrate it.

You can dispute it all day. If a christians evidence that a holiday is ONLY a christian holiday (as did the person I replied to initially) and their reasoning is because christians celebrate it, that is faulty reasoning and I am more than sound in rejecting it.

Where did I say this? I am pointing to your stupid statement about you saying they cannot claim it us NOT secular because Christians celebrate it. You are introducing a strawnan argument. You are trying to introduce an argument you had with SOMEONE ELSE and saying it is a position I am somehow talking about too.

You should try some civility. I have made 0 "comebacks" I have tried to help you seem my reasoning despite your repeated attempts to just be rude and misuse fallacies consistently.

I treat you as you treat others.

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