Applying for foodstamps, what does my "household" constitute? Live with one roommate, split bills but do not buy food together.

Once again, wrong sub. And terrible insult.

I was given this as a reference, also the snap website.*%20is%20a,buy%20and%20prepare%20meals%20together.

Anywho, I appreciate you tried to help. just came off rather rude for a simple question. I just need some help and felt patronized.

My states snap website is not user friendmy but has gotten better, but its like pulling hairs to get info. They are one of like 5 or 6 states that have different rules compared to the rest of the country (ill have to double check exactly what, but I was afraid this might be one of them.)

Anywho goodluck on your insult game, thanks for the advice, and I hope you honestly have a fucking amazing day! (I swear no sarcasm on those last two)

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