Has applying the logic behind veganism revealed to you any other ethical blind spots in your life?

I started getting more interested in utilitarian ethics. I remember being confused about my ethical views since my early teens and getting very emotional about that, then just dismissing all the thoughts I had because they would be extreme, not practicable, futile, etc. When I decided to change to a vegan lifestyle, I slowly became more and more repulsed by speciesism and carnism and I lost a lot of faith in social norms and the ethical views I had before.

Lately, I've been realizing that it is our moral obligation to try doing our best to help others. Rejecting speciesism made me more aware of some of the most awful forms of discriminations: discrimination based on visibility, discrimination based on (geographical) distance, discrimination based on our attachments to ourselves and the ones who are close to us. All of those are very natural but are causing very great amounts of suffering.

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