"I appreciate @HillaryClinton’s honesty in her assessment of the power of the insurance industry. As a former industry spinmeister, let me tell you why I now disagree."

I'm also a Sanders Supporter and I like Warren. You have to understand that toxic people are everywhere. I have come across my fair share of toxic Warren voters too, but I don't hold this sub in contempt for that. The campaign staffers want their candidate to win, and respectfully disagreeing with policies is not a bad thing. Warren herself disagrees with a lot of candidates and isn't afraid of pointing it out. I don't understand the hate from Warren and Sanders camps when they do it to each other.

That said, I don't think this person got banned for just defending Warren. The SandersForPresident mods have very strict rules, but are not unfair. They don't even remove heavily down-voted comments if it doesn't break rules. There is something they aren't saying.

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