APPRECIATION: That's a Mutually Beneficial Superpower. Here's hoping they aren't deprived of that.

I personally don't know if we need anymore to be honest. Where it's going to end is going to be such an amazing thematic payoff, the six defeat Steppenwolf and become the Seven when MM reveals himself. Darkseid has no way or chance to conquer earth and he becomes a distant waiting threat. This trilogy goes out on a message that no matter how different they all are, with their common humanity and unity, they will keep evil at bay forever.


That's a way better ending then simply ending on WE DID IT YOU GUYS! This way the trilogy gets to have its cake and eat it. It gets to give us the spectacle of the massive battle with the gigantic bad guy and it gets to give us the payoff of all those themes it hit across the three movies, humanity, unity, compassion, responsibility of power. Any more will just take away after this I think.

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