Approached by drugged out guy at Wallyworld

When I worked in LP. There was a lady who came to me and said her daughter frequently shoplifted from the store and wouldn't listen to her. She said she wanted me to catch her. So I said what does she look like and she gave me a picture of her. I told her, sure, I would do it just let me know when she is coming. I gave her my phone number and then one day she called me and said they were at the store and the daughter was probably going to lift. So I found the girl on the cameras but I didn't really see her lifting anything. So I waited by the exits and when I saw her going to exit. I grabbed her and pulled her aside then told her to go to the LP office. When I got in the office I put cuffs on her and told her a bunch of shit about how I saw her stealing previously and how I was building a huge case against her (the mom told me that she stole a ton of shit form the store but I didn't really have any actual evidence on her). The girl flat out burst into tears talking about how she had a kid to feed and stuff like that. I told her it was game over and I was going to call the police and the store was going to press charges and send her to jail for a very long time. I called her mom who was waiting outside and she came over to the office. The mom literally comes into the office flat out laughing her ass off and was saying how she always told her she would get caught. I ended up letting her go but I think the girl was permanently scared from the incident.

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