Appropriate Optic Objective size Tikka T3x. 50mm vs 56mm? Meopta Optika6

The reticle on the 5-30 is better for distance work because the 4.5-27 has the doughnut from the 3-18 Optika 6 on it if memory serves and that can cover small targets at range. The 5-30 is more open in the center which will help spot splashes at range.

With a Whiskey 3, you have an adjustable cheekpiece, so optics height is easily solved by raising the cheek piece. I have 1 inch Seekins 34 mm rings with my 50 mm MPO on my CTR and I could probably get a 56 mm objective on those rings if I didn't put scope covers on it. You probably don't need to go as high as you think you do, but even if you go for an AR height mount, your cheekpiece will easily get you comfortable behind it.

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