Approximately 3 in 10 Canadians believe Muslims don't follow Canadian laws while 2 in 10 believe Jewish people control Canada’s financial system and the media, poll finds.

Yes, a lot of things have been "popularly" given new definitions.

Other people have been saying in response to me "don't you know the teaparty took over the republican party, and they're white nationalists".

Fascism is essentially a merging of corporate and government power. The tea party is essentially the exact opposite of that... limiting government power.

I think people are just redefining words like "Nazi", and "Fascist", and "popularly" using them in wholly new ways. I use the "actual" definitions of those words. But, it seems most people now use them to mean "Republicans"... regardless of how pro-Jew, pro-Israel, or small government they are.

Trump is pro israel, both parties politicians are. Two important remarks:

Israel got so mad that Obama made the Iran deal, that Israeli politicans were saying that the US state department is antisemitic, and has been antisemitic since Israel's founding. One of the main reasons Trump got elected, was because Israel didn't want Obama 2.0, and wanted the Iran deal reversed.

But, "Russia Russia Russia Russia", instead of the obvious.

I agree that being pro-Israel is not the same as being pro-Jew.

But, Trump's daughter converted to Judaism. That is pro jew. Trump put a jew(kushner) in the most powerful position in the white house... that's pro Jew.

I just don't understand how you think republicans, who elected Trump, are anti-Jew, when Trump is probably the closest thing to a Jewish president America has ever had.

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