Approximately 3 in 10 Canadians believe Muslims don't follow Canadian laws while 2 in 10 believe Jewish people control Canada’s financial system and the media, poll finds.

I'm not sure how well you know Jewish people in real life... but they certainly network within the Jewish Community. They are certainly organized, and alligned in some social, political, and ideological way, in many cases, like the JDL, ADL, AIPAC, Israel.

What you're saying is basically what I'm talking about. The reality is, jewish people use networking within their groups, just like Christians, and Indians, and Native Americans, and Chinese, and many races/ethnicities/cultural groups.

There's a nice list of these networking groups, that you seem to think can't possibly exist. The idea that all jews are completely independent of each other is a gross mischachterization of the situation.

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