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he still wouldn't own it after the fact.

Arteta tells me he was planning to take Ceballos off (after the foul in the second half) for Martinelli but couldn't in time


I watched it back.

type of stoppage time of event time elapsed til play started again info of event START Ceballos Foul 45:27 30 seconds referee warns DC ARS Corner Kick 47:00 46 seconds ref stops to warn grabbing before corner taken Holding Foul 48:39 21 seconds RH off the ball foul going for header in opp. box ARS Throw 50:00 7 seconds Albiol clears ARS Throw 50:30 8 seconds Capoue tackle goes out Saka Foul 51:22 35 seconds Saka foul in opp. box Partey foul 52:37 15 seconds foul in opp. half ARS Throw 54:10 12 seconds Foyth touch out of bounds VIL Goal Kick 54:35 ~ 25 seconds ESR shielded out RED CARD Ceballos Foul 56: 34
number of stoppages to make a substitution before red card : 9

total time between Ceballos's first 2nd half foul and red card : 11 minutes 7 seconds

accumulated time of the ball being out of play : 3 minutes 39 seconds

area of the pitch where stoppages occurred : all 9 before red card in VIL's half

number of stoppages ARS had control of when to start play again : 4

Martinelli was the first to come off the bench and Arteta said he planned on bringing him on so almost certainty that Martinelli went through the warm up before the second half during the intermission. Would be hard to argue he was trying to get warm for over 30 minutes before we could bring him on.

Arteta : Couldn't in time Wouldn't in time.

9 chances with nearly 4 minutes of the ball being out of play that all occurred in the opposition's half where you had control of when the game started from those stoppages 4 times. couldn't...

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