Arab world condemns Israel Police for violent Temple Mount clashes

Palestinian are allowed to work in Saudi Arabia

You are referencing Saudi Citizenship which is true for #ALL ethnicity. Regardless if they are Palestinians, Yemeni or Qatari.

A foreigner can only acquire residence in Saudi Arabia through:

Marriage with a Saudi citizen, subject to a number of administrative restrictions, especially where the man is the foreigner, since he cannot be naturalized by marriage; Family reunification to reunite with a foreign spouse legally settled in Saudi Arabia: this specific case only applies to the family (spouse, children under 18 years old) of an employee bearing the status of "manager" or "professional" …; A work contract, by far the most frequent type of case. The work contract (and, therefore, residence) is of a limited duration and renewable under certain circumstances; The intervention of a powerful protector, in very rare cases, can assist entry into the country, as well as access to social services and other advantages normally reserved to citizens, even residence of long duration or naturalization. (Scientific Coordinator 26 Oct. 2017)

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