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Would you say this a balanced class, if not plz tell me what I should change: The martyr is a person so determined to succeed they are willing to die in the process, because of this they learn the way of the sacrifice. Martyrs are generally extreme, so rarely are there neutral martyrs, they are most of the time lawful or chaotic, good or evil, with no in between Hit die: 1d10 Lvl 1: sacrificial enhancement, can sacrifice 1d4 of damage to increase one of its stats by 1d2 for 1 minute, this is treated like someone is using a spell to increase your stats temporarily, damage is taken at the end of that one minute. Casting time: 1 action, you may pick 3 proficiencies from the proficiency list Lvl 3: sacrificial enhancement now takes 1d6 but raises the stat by 2 Lvl 6: sacrificial carnage: roll 3d6, you deal that much damage and take half of that rounded down, attack: auto hit, 5 ft range Lvl 8: complete determination: turn any roll into its highest possible number at the cost of the difference of the original roll and 20 multiplied by 2 Lvl 13: sacrificial enhancement now makes you take 5d6 of damage but raises the stat by either 1d6 or 4 Lvl 15: Cloak of Need: if you fail a saving throw, you can choose to succeed instead at the cost of half your current health rounded up Lvl 18: temporary perfection: for 3 rounds/3 role playing checks you will have a +5 bonus on all ability checks, attacks, and damage rolls, when this spell ends your health drops to 1/4th rounded down of what it is currently rounded down Lvl 20: last stand: if something is to drop you to 0 HP you deal your maximum health in damage multiplied by 3 to the monster to drop you before you make your death saves

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