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Another Human Variant (not finished, require help)

If you use this variant you gain these benefits instead, all of which replace the human’s Ability Score Increase trait.

Ability Score Increase. One ability score of your choice increases by 2 and two different ability scores of your choice increases by 1.

Skills. You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.

And that is all I have so far. Right now it is basically a worse Half-Elf, although with the benefit of getting to choose where the +2 goes.

What I want is to have one score of the player's own choice get +2 and that the character gets a skill proficiency, without giving a feat. Those are my only goals. Everything else is up for discussion, such as removing the +1/+1.

What I need help with is coming up with some minor additional benefit to this human, so it doesn't feel like completely feel worse than a Half-Elf.

I have been thinking of giving it +2 to two different ability scores of its own choice(instead of +2/+1/+1) and then just leave it at that.

I have also been thinking about giving the ability to choose one damage type or condition, and then all saving throws to resist that damage type or condition would have advantage. This would be free player choice but would be meant to do things like Northerners choosing cold and southerners choosing fire. And I think this would fit well with the adaptability theme of humans in general.

Or do you think that getting +2 in an ability score of YOUR OWN CHOICE is so incredibly good this doesn't even need an added bonus?

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