“You and Archie are my friends. Anyone else, including Kevin and Veronica, I would have actively shunned a few weeks ago.” So much has changed.

  1. Yes Betty should have listened when Jughead and others said he didn't want a birthday party.
  2. Betty was not the only one who pulled for the party yet she's the only one the fandom blames. Explain to me why Archie, Veronica, and Kevin are not called out for this either in universe or out ?
  3. This same episode Kevin just sits there and enjoys himself while his "friends" are verbally abused by Cheryl and Chuck. He doesn't even make a move to defend his so called BFF Betty.
  4. As someone who dealt with bullying myself, I can say that Jughead's attitude here is entirely wrong(even if I can see why he thought that way) and to my annoyance it's never really addressed. In season 2 Jughead is back to blaming the entire north side for his bullying and acting like he never had a support system there when he did.
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