Are “admit on the spot days” a sign of lack of enrollment (and less selectivity) in art schools?

Ok that definitely sorts out the conflicting information. I appreciate that. I just wonder why they have such a poor retention rate. There are good schools with a high acceptance rate, and the ratio to retention just might be “washing out.” They still seem to have a good reputation, so I wouldn’t jump to any causal conclusion behind percentages.

Selectivity could be in the retention. As in, give everyone a chance to show their potential, then let there be natural selectivity in the students’ ability to succeed there. That actually fits the vibe I get from them (free open studio nights for artists, summer programs for teens, open to the public guest lectures, and I think even a few publicly offered courses). Its also a small art school, few courses fit within a typical classroom. Otherwise a very subjective and unquantifiable education that’s hard to describe in percentages. Maybe comparing data between the BA’s and BFA’s, or straight numbers from a comparably sized art school would shed some light on that.

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