Are you against immigration? Why?

I am against unchecked immigration.

At a certain point, there aren't enough jErBs for everyone.

Several companies I've worked at, it's cheaper for them to hire Indians and pay for their H1B visas than it is to hire Americans, so they go crazy with it. There was one company I consulted at. Literally hired like 30 H1B's... and paid them like 1/2 the industry rate.

They did it simply to cut costs... but the efficiency went to shit. It was difficult to communicate due to the language skills not being 100% there. The work being done was... bad. But companies were hiring them just to get an MVP out... CEO/CFO/c-suite was just hoping to get an exit... they didn't care about the deliverables.

And these people were STUCK because their H1Bs were sponsored and locked into these companies... so it's difficult for them to leave. Many of them try to find jobs at other companies... and some do.

But this fucks over educated Americans. Yes, they'll still get jobs, but for much lower pay now.

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