are all the sponsors that YouTubers promote over and over (raycon, nord vpn/surfshark, honey, dollar shave club, skillshare) all crap? are any of them worth buying or using?

Honey I find useless because I don’t really shop online and when I do it doesn’t really do anything.

Dollar shave club I was given from someone who used it and hated it. I also disliked it.

My old Boss used Hello Fresh, and she seemed to like it. Again, it isnt something id ever need because I live a street away from a grocery store and like 20 restaurants and corner stores.

Yeah, I can’t think of any YouTube sponsored products that I’ve used and liked or would want at all.

And I’m sick of skillshare ads! “Want to learn editing or how to take better instagram selfies” No! I don’t! Omg I’m not ever going to waste money on learning such a useless skill.

Im glad I don’t see lootcrate/geek box/ and other mystery nerd crap ads anymore. I absolutely hate chance/mystery boxes. I’d rather spend the $25 the nerd stuff I want. Who cares if I don’t get an exclusive walking dead fuzzy socks?(I made up that item)

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