You are allowed to pick one name (boy or girl) and completely wipe it out of anybody's vocabulary never to be used again. However, when you choose the name, it also wipes out anyone and everyone who ever existed with that name. What name do you choose to get rid of?

I used to work for Teletoon, the Canadian version of Cartoon Network, and everyone hated that show with a passion.

Among my friends however, we developed a satisfying theory to explain the bratty 4-year old's behavior and his parents easy acquiescence to his every demand: Calliou has cancer.

The evidence is staring right in everyone's faces, namely the fact that he's bald even while his little sister has a full head of hair; the ravaging effects of chemotherapy on display for the world to see. His parents give him whatever he wants because they know that his days are numbered, and they want his short existence to be as bright as possible. This also explains why he's so poorly disciplined; most days the poor little asshole is too weak from the medication and chemo to actually throw temper tantrums, and those days when he has energy, his parents are too drained from all the hospital visits to bother teaching him to be an emotionally stable member of society.

In an alternate universe, episodes of Calliou exist where he sits alone in the hospital surrounded by elderly smokers, an IV dripping into his arm. His dad is at work and his mom curiously absent, promising to pick him up in five or six hours while nutrients and medication drip into his veins. The doctors and nurses give him only casual attention, avoiding discourse with boy they refer only as "the brat", and every time he opens his mouth, Calliou closes it again after a single dark grimace from a heavily tattoo'd former Hells Angel named Harold; the only man to ever raise his voice against the four year old, the only one to utter curses, dark threats, and promises of violence against the boy so accustomed to getting his own way.

Calliou pissed his pants the first time Harold threatened to rip the IV from his arm and stick it where the sun don't shine, and now he sits in the hospital in a stupor, his beady eyes staring blankly at the wall, too nervous of Harold's anger to even reach forward to pick up a fishing magazine. The hours pass slowly, and Calliou's mom still hasn't returned. The nurses smile at Harold and flirt politely, but when they leave, silence reigns supreme. Calliou knows he'll vomit his brains out once he gets home, but until then, the only thing he can do is sit quiet and still, fitting the role for the first time in his life of a patient, well-behaved child. Calliou shifts in his seat and reaches for a magazine, but makes eye contact with Harold, who slowly shakes his head, no. Sitting back in his chair, Calliou watches the IV and then closes his eyes. There is no respite to be found, only silence and medicine. Roll credits

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